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    A Writer, A Communicator, A Game Changer.

    Hi, I'm Kwyn Townsend Riley


    I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. I have my Bachelor's in Communication with a focus in Journalism from the University of Dayton. I have experience in the fields of print and broadcast journalism. In addition, I hosted a radio show in Cameroon, Africa on Ocean City Radio and a hour long talk show on WUDR 99.5/FM.


    Because of my experiences, I prioritize efficiently, work well with others, and exude professionalism. Most importantly, I have a strong passion for writing and journalism. As Ida B. Wells once said, "The way to right wrongs is to turn the truth of light upon them".


    I will write the truths that right the wrongs.

  • Experience



    Print Journalism ( Newspaper and Magazine), Broadcast Journalism ( Television and Radio), Freelance Writing, Columns, Editorials, Scriptwriting, Media Law, Media Writing, Publication Design, Web Design, Writing for Web, Copyediting, Public Affairs Reporting,


    Creative Works

    Spoken Word, Slam Poetry, Playwriting, Public Speaking, Oratory

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